Total XP 14600, Level 8

Race Elf
Class Rogue
Size Med
Age 26
Gender Female
Height 5’11
Weight Not Specified
Alignment Neutral
Adventuring Party The Shadow

Initiative 13
Dex 5
Misc 4

Ability Scores
Strength 16
Mod: 3
Constitution 14
Mod: 2
Dexterity 20
Mod: 5
Intelligence 10
Mod: 0
Wisdom 16
Mod: 3
Charisma 18

Hit Points
Max HP: 46
Bloodied: 23
Surge Value: 11
Surges/Day: 8

AC: 19
Ref: 21

Speed: 7

Short Sword
Short Bow

Acrobatics 19
Arcana 6
Athletics 9
Bluff 13
Diplomacy 10
Dungeoneering 9
Endurance 8
Heal 6
History 6
Insight 12
Intimidate 9
Nature 9
Perception 9
Religion 6
Stealth 17
Streetwise 13
Thievery 17


Akira was born into a family with 2 older brothers and 6 half sisters. Her mother and father were elf. Her father and mother were married for 5 years before deciding to separate right after Akira’s conception. Even during his marriage Akira’s father ,Farran, slept and conceived with many women resulting in Akira’s many half sisters. Akira’s full brothers, Sorin who is 5 years older, and, Koray who is 3 years older, travel together with a group of swordsmen that work for the king.

Akira herself was always curious and loved to brake into things. Exploring came naturally to her especially after she developed her skill of stealth. She never really was a good learner/student, she couldn’t sit still for very long but her insight into things keeps her on her toes. One of Akira’s weaknesses is her inability to think before acting. She jumps straight into things before considering what could come of it. She sometimes has terrible luck but she a naturally a positive person and will always look on the bright side.

When Akira was 11 she left her mother and brothers to join a group of bandits, her ambition to become a great assassin. The bandits taught her to fight, steal and improved he stealth. She isn’t a very good fighter but there is no lock complex enough for her. At 18 she left the bandits and went off on her on. She did very well as a thief and a shadow for hire but she lacked adventure, she wanted something bigger. When Akira turned 22 she tried to join a group of rogues that traveled Raktol taking odd jobs and did some adventures. She stayed with the group for 3 years leaving after a terrible scarring incident the leader. She traveled alone as an overpowered small time thief until she met her current adventuring party.

After her run with the rogue group, Akira found herself distrustful of others.Even though she is a very good judge of character in people, because of the way she was treated amongst the rogues she no longer trusts herself to judge well. She has a hard time following orders at times and finds herself being unable to allow other people to watch her back. The only people/ things she really trusts are her brothers and her pet wolf. Akira loves animals and is always trusting towards them because she believes that on their own they will not betray their comrades.
Akira’s Brothers
Akira loves her brothers a lot, they care for her as well. She dosn’t see them often but they are still close.

Koray: Knight 31 years old
Sorin: Knight 29 years old

A List of Akira’s Half Sisters
Akira has met all of her sisters, she is on good terms with most of them.

Adanna: Half elf she works at a bar as a stewardess on good terms

Bithiah: Elf works at an archery shop/school on so-so terms

Parvati: Half elf Ranger that leads a company of rangers on bad terms

Winona: Elf keeper of a small library also knows some magic on good terms

Hine: Half elf Owns a medium sized stables on good terms

Batel: Half elf town school teacher on good terms


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